Thursday, August 23, 2012

Letters: Obama's campaign - U-T San Diego

President Obama and his re-election campaign minions are a disgusting bunch of deceivers. They throw out things like Mitt Romney doesn’t pay income tax, he hides money in offshore shelters and he caused a woman to die of cancer. All unsubstantiated muck and then they all get on TV and demand he prove these things aren’t true.

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If these comments were made by low-level staffers it would be abhorrent, but these are statements made by Harry Reid, the “leader” in the U.S. Senate, and other high-ranking Obama campaign supporters. When called out on these statements Obama either denies they were said or has no control over who is saying it and then has the gall to insinuate that it could be true.

I’m tired of hearing that (a) it’s Bush’s fault, (b) it the House Republicans’ fault, (c) it Europe’s fault, (d) the Republicans hate women, college students, seniors, African-Americans, Latinos and just about anyone else that may want to cast a vote in November. But what we really hate is the thought of four more years of this garbage. â€" Richard Anaya, Lakeside

So the U-T editorial board doesn’t think that a budgetary savings of “less than 9 percent” would be significant! The fact that these savings don’t eliminate the national debt, and the fact that they are part of the Obama re-election strategy triggers the editorial board’s usual knee-jerk reaction. The misguided Afghanistan war, started by a Republican president, includes spending more tax dollars on the infrastructure of that corrupt nation than on U.S. public education.

Allowing an unsupportable tax exemption for the wealthy to expire (financing a misguided war inherited by our president) is an appropriate way to help balance the budget, despite the GOP position. And income from this expired exemption, coupled with a decrease in military expenditures as Obama supports, truly offers a way to reduce National debt even more than 9 percent. We might even check out the use of our tax money and tax exemptions for agribusiness and energy companies as a logical way to reduce our debt, but neither party has the moxie to consider this, especially in an election year.

Of course San Diegans are used to it. If the U-T had its way, it would blame the hot weather, excess electrical consumption or even California’s water shortage on Obama! Using that logic, a mild hurricane season should guarantee Obama’s re- election. â€" John de Beck, Bay Park

“Worst president in history!” “Blood on his hands!” European socialist!” And you call Obama’s campaign “unserious”?

What is unserious is the presumptive Republican nominee. It is he who wants to increase deficits by increasing defense spending and lowering taxes on the wealthy. It is he who won’t name a single tax deduction that should be eliminated to effect his tax rate decreases. It is he who wants to eviscerate Medicare and Medicaid. It is he who has shown no interest in foreign policy other than to support a trade war with China and a potential war with Iran. It is he who supported the Republican attempt to destroy America’s credit rating when they voted against raising the debt ceiling. It is he who is opposed to a woman’s right to chose. It is he who is opposed to the civil rights of gay and lesbians to marry the partner of their choice and even supports a constitutional amendment that would even deny civil unions. It is he who misrepresents the president’s policies concerning welfare claiming that no work is required. And it is he who continues the line that somehow the president doesn’t understand America enough.

When it comes to being unserious, Mitt Romney constantly shows how that term defines him. â€" Rob Cohen, San Diego

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