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Ernie Wittwer: Which Romney position is the real one? - Capital Times

2012-09-17T04:15:00Z 2012-09-14T19:09:59Z Ernie Wittwer: Which Romney position is the real one?Ernie Wittwer

Dear Editor: A fact checker, reviewing the first night of the Democratic National Convention, was critical of several speakers for making errors when they cited elements of Paul Ryan’s 2011 budget proposal or Mitt Romney’s positions. While the checker is probably right, that points to a central question in this election: Which of Romney/Ryan’s many positions should we consider as we evaluate our choices?

Consider the issue of taxes. Romney promises that he will cut the top tax rates below the current levels; make the cuts revenue neutral by closing loopholes; further enhance the treatment of capital gains; and not raise taxes on the middle class. An independent analysis demonstrated that the first three were possible only if taxes went up for the middle class.

Consider the country’s fiscal situation. Romney says he will change the tax policies as outlined above while expanding defense spending and protecting Medicare and Social Security, and still balance the budget. I got a C in my last math class (OK, it was calculus), but even I can do those numbers. It is impossible.

Medicare is another good example. Romney said he endorses Ryan’s budget, which introduces the concept of “premium support” for people less than 55 years of age. Now he says that traditional Medicare will always be an option.

Choice is another issue. He used to be pro-choice. Then he said he would sign the personhood bill, which would recognize a fertilized egg as a person. Now he believes in allowing abortion in cases of rape or incest or to save the mother’s life.

Only on foreign affairs is Romney consistent. He would be Dick Cheney without fear of a heart attack: intervene here, take unilateral action there.

We voters deserve some real positions. “Just trust me” is not good enough.

Ernie Wittwer


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