Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Obama in NYC for fundraiser, Letterman show - NBCNews.com

>>> now to the lighter side of politics, if there is one these days. in this election there's no shortage of both candidates using swagger and pop culture to get more votes. today the president is fund-raising with the king of swagger, jay-z along with his queen beyonce. he'll make an appearance at "the late show with david letterman ." making his second trip to the program since being elected. governor romney having fun on the talk show circuit. in an interview the governor and his wife did with kelly and michael on their new show. it aired this morning.

>> this is the most serious question of all. honey boo boo or snooki?

>> do you know who either are?

>> i'm kind of a snooki fan.

>> she had a baby now.

>> look how tiny she got. these lost weight and energetic. just her spark plug personality is kind of fun.

>> joins me now, " washington post " columnist amy. wow, i never thought i'd hear look how tiny she's gotten. does he have "people" magazine on his plane? nonetheless with the crisis in the middle east , we're talking about this notion of 47% of voters perhaps in some ways don't matter to individuals. do these lighter moments even have a place, or do they have an impact, as they did when bill clinton was on mtv or playing the sax? are those days gone?

>> it's funny. as much as we're consumed with discussion of the 47% video or with what's going on in the middle east , there is a huge section of the voting populous that is maybe not that tuned into it. they care about this country. they're going to vote. they're not following the day-to-day of the campaigns and not watching the cable news shows and watching "meet the press." they get their information from different shows like this, and that's why you've seen the candidates go on different pop culture shows like this.

>> are they getting information, or is it something else? is it that they're seeking out some kind of comfort in these individuals? we know the whole notion of wanting to have a beer. not everyone drinking beer, but everyone wants to like their neighbor. is it that kind of information, kind of a sixth sense we have with people, either you like them or you don't?

>> these shows are all about projecting the likability of the candidate, which for a lot of people is how they make their decisions. you know, they might not be seeking out different news programming, but they will stumble across david letterman orace kelly ripa or things like that. that might be the biggest exposure to the candidate. that might make the difference.

>> you talk about millions of people, especially with women an important voting bloc in this election and every election quite honestly. the shows like "kelly and michael" offer a warmer setting. i have to point out, jay leno , people shouldn't sleep on jay leno at all when it comes to interviewing. he does not sit out there with candidates and not talk policy. when mitt romney was on, he was very serious at times with his questions. i know that he watches and is very engaged politics. it's not a softball, soft seat kind of environment.

>> that's the thing with leno and letterman. it's supposed to be a loose, funny environments. you see candidates of all types sometimes they're put in a difficult position. they're asked questions maybe they're not asked. slightly more confrontational tone than you might expect. these moments have created interesting moments for the campaigns.

>> proof that pop culture does matter and will matter when one appears on honey boo boo , child. i don't know how it will matter. thank you very much, amy.

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