Sunday, September 16, 2012

Red, White and Blue Romney to stop in Janesville with Walker, Ryan - Today's TMJ4

Red, White and Blue


JANESVILLE - Mitt Romney is coming back to Wisconsin for the first time since the Presidential primary back in April.

He'll be joined by Wisconsin's GOP powerhouses in Governor Scott Walker and Congressman Paul Ryan.

"We'll be traveling on what are often called the back roads of America, but I think our tour is going to take us along what I call the backbone of America," Romney says.

The trip takes Romney to New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Iowa and Michigan. Those are all states President Barack Obama win back in 2008.

"These are all states I look forward to winning in the general election and so I'm making sure I plant the flag if you will," Romney says.

Governor Walker told reporters in Washington, D.C. his recall win does not guarantee a Romney victory in the Badger State come November.

"Just because I have an (R) next to my name and he has an (R) next to his name, if voters see that as just about being a Republican, that's not enough to win in Wisconsin," Walker says.

Congressman Ryan spent days at Romney's side during the primary and will be there again during Monday's visit to a fabric mill in Janesville, which is the Congressman's hometown. Ryan has consistently been mentioned as a possible Romney running mate.

"If that bridge ever comes for me to decide to cross it, I'll make that decision then, but I haven't had to make that decision," Ryan says.

Doors open for Monday's event at 8 a.m. The program starts at 9 a.m.

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